Discovery Learning Centre


Discovery Learning Centre Term 1 2017


Grade 1/2

To start Grade 1/2s Discovery Learning program for 2017 we will be looking at the text ‘If I Ran a Zoo’ by Dr Seuss. Students will have the opportunity to put their engineering skills to the test with a series of tasks.

The challenges included in this unit are:

• Build a Zoo Cage Challenge

• Animal Catching Machine Challenge

• Helicopter Bugs Challenge

• McGrew’s Zoo Exhibit Challenge

This unit will provide opportunities for students to show teamwork, fulfil roles, show persistence,

communicate and negotiate, and apply their problem solving skills.


Grade 3/4

Discovery Learning for 3/4s begins with ‘The Great Arctic Circle STEM Challenge’, which includes 5 different STEM activities centred on the story of a group of stranded arctic explorers. After hearing the story of the failed expedition, students will read 5 diary entries. Each one will challenge them to design something to help the group make it back to base camp.

The challenges included in this unit are:

• Arctic Architect: Construct An Igloo

• Bundle Up: Design A Blanket

• Polar Bear Defence: Snowball Shooter

• Lookout Mountain: Build A Tower

• Lookout Mountain: Design A Parachute

Students will work in teams using team member role cards, design process cards, and a master score sheet to find out which group is the most successful at helping the explorers. The unit incorporates concepts of linear measurement, area, force and motion, energy, properties of shapes, data, and scientific process.


Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6s will begin the year with a unit entitled ‘iNews’. In today’s digital age, we are flooded with information coming from all forms of media. This inundation can help us become informed citizens; sadly, as we know all too well, it can spread misinformation. Our students need to learn to analyse their sources of information. Students will begin with a media scavenger hunt; students will apply critical analysis skills to six

forms of media that they may encounter on a daily basis. Students will analyse and evaluate the six different forms of news reports. Students will then have the opportunity to create their own news report using our digital media room with green screen. This process will require students to storyboard, draft scripts, film,

present, edit, work in teams, analyse and provide feedback.



Preps will begin their Discovery Learning Journey in Term 2.



I’m currently collecting plastic lids, bottle caps, twist ties, small containers (such as yoghurt or

butter,  NO NUT PLEASE), corks, bubble wrap, small scraps of wood, packing ‘popcorn’, small

plastic zoo animals, foam and tubes (from the middle of paper towels, cling film, aluminium foil,

etc.) Look for a donation box outside of the Discovery Learning Centre to drop of your items.


Looking forward to seeing you all at the Family Fun Night!


Catherine Trethowan

Discovery Learning Coordinator