Student Leadership

At Watsonia Heights Primary school we value student input into developing an exciting and supportive learning community. There are a number of leadership opportunities available at our school for students to represent their peers and experience the managerial skills involved in creating change. Roles such as School Captains, House Captains, SEPEP Captains and Junior School Council Representatives for each class, allows students who are nominated by staff and peers, to influence the direction of student engagement, welfare, fundraising and communities links. Their skills are supported through a Student Leaders Program, where they look at the qualities of great leaders and develop their own visions for themselves as young leaders, with oaths such as: I promise to be fair and respectful’ or ‘I will encourage and be kind to everyone’ and mottos like: Never stop trying until it’s over’ or ‘Work hard or go home.’


Some of the wonderful work they take part in includes running Friday afternoon assemblies, promoting school values and events, presenting at community events, welcoming guests, managing students surveys and feedback and fundraising. These duties are ran through the Students Leader established communication corner; an organisational point for staff and students to run a number of activities.

This is all polished off by their integrity as leaders and role models in their own school lives, upholding school values and being proactive in the roles they fill. It is this valuable combination of qualities in our school community and Student Leaders that makes us proud of who we are and eagerly anticipating the places we will go!

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