Vision and Values

Watsonia Heights Primary School

“Strive For the Heights”

Vision Statement:

Watsonia Heights Primary School has a commitment to providing a safe, caring environment where children are encouraged to develop as individuals to their best ability. It is a school where well-planned programs are provided to engage students and help them maximise learning opportunities and become life-long learners.

Guiding Principles:

At Watsonia Heights Primary School great emphasis is placed on developing each individual child to the maximum potential within a society that is constantly changing by:

•    Identifying individual needs
•    Giving equal opportunities to every child to achieve success
•    Using a range of teaching styles and strategies
•    Providing specialist programs across a diverse range of disciplines and interests.



The school motto of “Strive for the Heights” forms our ongoing school focus. If you believe you can achieve! Hence, our values represent the notion to STRIVE!

Our agreed values are:


S – Success – Our school is focussed on ensuring success for each and every child. This is built on the notion that all children can succeed and that success for one child is quite different to that of another. Success takes many forms and is a very personalised concept. Success also relates to team and school success. WHPS is built upon ongoing improvement and, collectively, we work extremely hard for sustained SUCCESS!

T- Teamwork – WHPS is a team. Staff, students and parents working together for a collective goal of improvement. This relationship between all stakeholders is imperatively important to securing our effectiveness. We promote a sense of team and a unified approach to ‘getting better on purpose’. Relationship development is a highly valued commodity at WHPS. They way we interact and connect with people, learning and life is a focussed goal of our school.


R – Respect – WHPS develops the notion of respect in that we do! Amongst other things we promote Respect for self, other people, their cultures, individual and collective learning, our physical and global environment. This is a cornerstone of our belief system that promotes empathy and a development of self.


I – Individuality – We are committed to improving and enhancing every individual at our school. We focus on providing an individual learning environment that ensures each child is catered for in their ongoing development. EVERYONE counts and EVERYONE is special. We also see ourselves as an individual school working and aligned within a quality education system. WHPS is special in it’s endeavours and we provide the highest quality learning environment that is individual in it’s uniqueness.


V – Visionary – At WHPS we Strive for the Heights! We are visionary in our pursuits and foresight to be ‘cutting edge’ in our mission and goals. Students and staff are encouraged to set aspirational goals – and to reach them! We have a futuristic vision to education and our high expectations are empowering, realistic and achievable! We can be what choose to be!


E – Effort – We promote effort! This value is a life long trait that ensures ongoing success for all stakeholders. Whilst we acknowledge, celebrate and nurture achievement we understand the power of effort! People with an instilled work ethic are destined to achieve beyond expectations whilst those with innate skills can relax in self belief. Effort = excellence!


Through these values are able to focus on establishing classroom expectation and learning foci that include:

  • Ensuring students feel safe, connected, respected and valued
  • Establishing class routines
  • Getting to know each individual learner and their needs
  • Building relationships
  • Develop a shared understanding of the school values and school code of conduct
  • Understanding the learning process and the components for successful learning
  • Understanding the brain and how to maximise it’s use, healthy bodies, healthy diets etc…
  • Understanding individual learning styles
  • Goal setting and reflective practices
  • Learning all about Me!

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