There is great excitement in the air in the Science room! Mrs James has a partner! I would like to sincerely welcome Mrs Cordwell who will be teaching some of the Preps and grade 3/4’s. Some of you may remember her as Ms Buckingham and will no doubt know she comes with a wealth of experience, creativity and sense of fun – all perfect qualities for the science room! Welcome – we are so lucky to have you!

This term the Preps will be studying The Senses. We will be exploring sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell in both humans and animals. There will be lots of fun experiments for the students to test and explore these senses.

Grade 1/2s are studying Living Things. We will be observing the behaviour and features of small animals where students will get a glimpse of the diversity of animal life. There will be much fossicking out in the schoolyard and learning to label plants with the correct terms. Students will have the opportunity to observe a fish and look at common features of birds and koalas. Students will discover how a plant absorbs water, investigate what animals live in water and make a rock pool habitat.

Grade 3/4 students will be exploring the scientific methods of making observations and providing evidence. To achieve this they will investigate how animals and plants can leave impressions long after their death. They will have the opportunity to create their own fossils, explore large measurements of time and size, including measuring out a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Grade 5/6s will be studying Biological Sciences and Living Things. We will be focusing on the structural features of animals, their nervous, muscular, immune and respiratory systems. The students will study the structural features of Australian Natives and the conditions required for plant growth in varying climates. Throughout the term, all students will be revising the scientific process - so ask them to explain it to you.

Cathy James and Lana Cordwell
Science Teachers

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