There is always a buzz of excitement in the Science Room at Watsonia Heights Primary School! All students from Prep to Grade 6 enjoy one hour of science each week with a specialist Science Teacher. Throughout the year, all students learn about five key areas of science including Earth and space science, biology, physics, chemistry, and science as a human endeavour.


Science lessons comprise of a mixture of learning the theory behind scientific concepts, undertaking hands-on activities and experiments, developing scientific skills, and taking part in science projects. Students from Prep to Grade 2 follow the Predict-Observe-Evaluate Method of scientific investigation, developing their skills to make predictions, record observations and then accurately evaluate what they have observed. The senior students from Grade 3 to 6 apply the Scientific Method to their scientific studies, ensuring that they are well prepared to study science beyond primary school.

Engagement in authentic, real-life science projects is a strong focus of the Science program at Watsonia Heights Primary School. Through partnerships with organisations such as Bird Life Australia, Banyule City Council, the CSIRO and One Giant Leap Foundation, the school has participated in a number of science programs including Birds in Schools and What’ll happen to the Wattle? These programs have provided the students with opportunities to develop bird-friendly gardens around the school and gather essential data on the viability of seeds after space travel as part of a 150 school, Australia-wide project.


In addition to these special science projects, the Science program at the school is also closely linked to other learning areas such as literacy and numeracy, as well as the Inquiry Units taught at the school. This allows the students to gain an in-depth understanding and different perspectives on the topics they are studying, fostering their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Emma MacDonald 
Science Teacher

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