Senior School
At Watsonia Heights all students are involved in a Music Program.  Friday is Music Day at Watsonia Heights with all students in grades 3-6 have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.  There is a wide range of  instruments to choose from, including guitar, drums, keyboard, recorder and more! Everyone is involved!

Prep - 2 Music

Beginning Term 3, all Prep – 2 students at Watsonia Heights participate in a one hour weekly music program for the first half of the year to give the children a taste of things to come as they progress through to grade 3 and beyond where they will be involved in an instrumental music program. In these weekly music sessions students learn about musical elements such as, beat and rhythm, pitch and melody, tempo, dynamics and form (ie. Parts of songs like verses and chorus).


Students enjoy these sessions and are engaged in activities which help them explore music through experimentation with tuned and untuned percussion instruments, singing, dancing and creating their own mini performances to share with their class. This program is beneficial in developing confidence and motor skills as well as using music as a way to express their feelings or alleviate nerves.

School Concert
Watsonia Heights has had an annual school concert for over twenty-five years, and have included themes like Hollywood, the Circus, Shrek gets a Job, the Haunted House, Survivor, and many more. All students participate in at least two dance items and senior students also act! Wonderful feedback is always received and students have a great time! 
The concert is held in term three. It is recorded by a professional production company, so DVD are available to be enjoyed again and again.

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