Grade 5/6



Grade 5/6


How iPads have Improved Learningipad

“The iPads have improved my learning because the timetables app has improved my recall of multiplication facts. It’s great for Italian too! I have used puppetpals to create a comic strip.” Emily


“I’m enjoying learning on the iPads its making me want to come to school more. Yesterday I used keynotes to build a hierarchy chart, which was easier than drawing. ” Ruby



“It’s making learning so much easier. It’s more fun and I’m not as tired.” Brodie


“Learning is a thrill. I can produce more writing using keynotes.” Mia


“I guess I could say learning is more enjoyable. I have enjoyed exploring metaphors” Stuart

“It makes learning exciting. I feel more cautious like I have a little pet. I’m learning to take more responsibility.” Bradman


“I think iPads make learning more exhilarating. I have used notes to improve my writing.” Georgie


“The iPads provide a better, more fun way of learning. I can express myself better.” Kiera


“This term it is better because I can see my achievements. I can stores notes easier” Nathan


“Learning is easier” Mark


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Gr 5/6 Newsletter, Term 3 2013